About Us

Flow.Ers was born from the know-how of a team of experts that have developed initiatives since 2005, ultimately impacting thousands of people in Brazil and Latin America. Our business values the inclusion of diverse people in order to ensure a diverse delivery. Learn some more about how our team makes a positive impact on the world.

During our journey, we count on technical partners of excellence, who are benchmarks in their fields of knowledge and expertise. Here are some of these partners that contribute or have already actively contributed to our purpose.

Wal Flor

“We want to make organizations aware of their impact and encourage them to use their power to Be and to Act, before Speaking.”

Carol Lima

“Promoting a more empathetic look toward others, thinking globally and acting locally for a better world.”

Raquel Celso

“I take action so that businesses and brands can improve and guide their practices to produce and grow, nourishing rich and innovative relationships.”

Natália Vajalegre

“I provide services to all stakeholders with ethics and responsibility, pursuing a governance of excellence for our business.”

Fátima Viscarra

Eduardo Sabino

“Welcoming and caring for others, with respect and care for their history, is my source of inspiration.”

Anthony Roeck

“I believe that ethics is one of the main pillars for the growth of a company or brand, through it we can achieve lasting and honest partnerships.”

Leticia Rabelo

“I seek to dream and create with everyone around me, developing together with the society in which we live.”

Raisa Queiroz

“I seek to improve the lives of people and society around me, creating strong, sincere relationships that thrive in the best direction.”

Lucila Lobo

Gisele Brito


    Where We Came From

    Flow.Ers was born after Lynx – one of Brazil’s pioneer agencies in cause marketing – ceased its activities.

    Co-founded by Wal Flor in 2005, over the course of nearly 16 years, Lynx became a benchmark in the market, advising private, government and third-sector organizations to promote a positive impact on society and the environment.

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