We inspire organizations to promote a positive impact on society and the environment.

We inspire organizations to promote a positive impact on society and the environment.

How We Do It

We are experts in causes that inspire people, impact humanity and protect the environment. We build strategies, take action and speak in a profound, creative and innovative way. At our very core, we have a sense of rebelliousness and the know-how that gives us the courage to leave a legacy of excellence in favor of a better, fairer future for us all

What We Do

We develop multistakeholder projects that impact thousands of people in Brazil and Latin America since 2005. We align positive impact with strategy, action and communication of organizations by means of our own methodology:

  • Sustainability / ESG Strategy
  • Socio-environmental action strategy
  • Creation and planning of causes (corporate and brands)
  • Sustainability literacy
  • Creation of platforms, programs, projects and impact actions

  • Governance of strategic partners (NGOs, Government, sectoral associations)

  • Monitoring and evaluation of initiatives

  • Volunteer programs


  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Communication campaigns

  • Positive impact activations

  • Advice for communication agencies


Clients & Cases

We believe that the purpose and profit of businesses should be redefined to add value to society and the environment. This movement rides the global wave of innovation and economic growth. That’s why we are proud to have worked for incredible brands from the most diverse sectors:

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